An Education

Like a lot of people I have a formal education. I have a piece of paper that says I studied something in depth. In my case it was studio arts with an emphasis in painting. Even though I had an interest in graphic design and studied it a little I really preferred what I was learning in the studio arts building. Sure I was painting, but I was learning how to push color, composition, content, etc. I was learning creativity. My work was an odd duck, I was doing work that showed I was influenced by design, by comic books, by movie posters, by POP/low culture all that fun stuff that lives around us and makes up our world. I recently had the slides of my college portfolio scanned into a digital format (Yes, my college portfolio is on slides!). Some of the work holds up, some doesn't, but they all take me back to the studio space I shared in NE MPLS.

Zoom Nervo acrylic on Masonite, 30" x 40", 1996